Patient Testimonials

He gave detailed explanations and offered options for my condition.

Greets his own patients. Always on time. Clearly explains condtion and options.

I am a recent and frequent patient of Dr. Elkowitz. Unfortunately, I have from my ancesotors in northern Europe, Dupitrends or curling of the fingers. Particularily, my pinkie finger on both hands are afflicted. Dr. Elkowitz has performed surgery 4 times, twice on each hand to allow me to have full funtionality or use of my hands. Each time I was treated by him I experienced the most professional and competent care. I would strongly recommend Dr. Elkowitz to anyone needing surgery on their hands for whatever reason. I feel blessed to have been under his care to address my physical challenges. Thank you Dr. Elkowitz.

Useful Links

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  • American Society For Surgery of The Hand