• How To Prevent Tennis Elbow

    So maybe you’ve had tennis elbow before and you want to keep it from coming back. Or, you have a job -- say you’re a painter or a carpenter -- where you’re more likely to get it and you want to avoid it in the first place.

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  • What is a hook of hamate fracture?

    The hamate is a small bone in the hand, just above the wrist. Hook of hamate fractures are uncommon, and doctors often miss them, leaving them undiagnosed.

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  • What is intersection syndrome?

    Intersection syndrome is when tendons in a person’s wrist and back of the forearm become inflamed and swollen. It is a rare form of tendonitis. People who play certain sports may be at an increased risk.

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  • 7 Exercises To Help Ease Tennis Elbow Pain

    Tennis elbow isn't very common. According the Cleveland Clinic, only 1-3% of American adults experience the condition.

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  • What to know about scaphoid fractures

    A scaphoid fracture involves a break of one of the bones on the thumb side of the wrist. The scaphoid bone plays a role in the ability to move the wrist joint. When it fractures, it impairs the function of the wrist.

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