• 7 Exercises To Help Ease Tennis Elbow Pain

    Tennis elbow isn't very common. According the Cleveland Clinic, only 1-3% of American adults experience the condition.

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  • What to know about scaphoid fractures

    A scaphoid fracture involves a break of one of the bones on the thumb side of the wrist. The scaphoid bone plays a role in the ability to move the wrist joint. When it fractures, it impairs the function of the wrist.

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  • What are the treatment options for Golfer's elbow?

    Golfer’s elbow occurs when the forearm tendons tear and become inflamed. It often results from overuse or repetitive motions. Treatment options include rest, specific exercises, medication, and surgery.

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  • Hand, Wrist, And Arm Pain While Exercising

    Most exercise-related pain is dull and spreads over a larger area of your arms or legs. This is normal. When it seems to be sharp pain focused in one spot that you can pinpoint with a finger, it may indicate a muscle strain of a tendon inflammation. Popping, clicking, or grinding in the muscles or tendons are signs of strain.

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  • Tennis Elbow: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

    Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is swelling, inflammation, and subsequent tearing of the tendons in your forearm.These tissues, which attach muscle to bone, can become overtaxed with repetitive use, causing an aching or burning pain that gets worse when you grip or lift something.

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